Our company has been an expoter since 1990. The introduction of the Euro in the European market, boosted our sales and we managed to create a small network of dealers that accomodate the needs for their local markets.
Our policy
Our first goal was to create a strong brand name. "Questor" is now known at more than 30 countries. Our products offer excellent quality at competitive prices, which has contributed in building our name.
Having earned our customer's trust, we are now aiming to expand our business over more countries. 
Dealers wanted !!!
We are seeking for companies or individuals that are willing to distribute our products in their area, city, or country. We are treating each case separately, according to the market we are entering.
As a guideline, our potential dealers should fulfill the following :
- Own an established company
- Preferably, have experience on our business sector (screen printing & thermal transfering)
- Ability to purchase and stock logical amounts of products (according to the local market)
- Have sales and marketing experience to constantly increase sales.
We will do our best to provide any help required to new (& old) associates.
Contact us
Worldwide Dealers are welcome
If you are interested in a new business relationship,

please do not hesitate to contact us.